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Raffaella Magrassi

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She developed her thesis of degree at the Italian Tumor Institute (IST), Genova, in the laboratory of Mutagenesis where she carried out experiments of Cellular and Molecular Biology. She practiced her apprenticeship at the Biophysics Institute, National Research Council (CNR), Genova. Here she apprehended and applied the techniques of Electrophysiology and Molecular Biology on the ionic channels. During her PhD she worked in the laboratories of the Department of General and Human Physiology, at the University of Bologna where she consolidated her education in primary cell culture and Patch Clamp techniques. At the Biophysics Institute, CNR, Genova she carried out fluorometric determination of the calcium concentration and biochemical methods. At the CNR-INFM’s unit in Genoa (University of Genoa, Physics Department) her research work was focused on the characterization of nanostructured systems, with a range of applications spanning from basic research to advanced bio-medicine. During this period she improved her knowledge in Confocal and Two photon microscopy techniques in order to investigate biological system. From 2006 to February 2009 she worked as researcher on nano-medicine project (NanoMed labs) at Department of Physics, University of Genoa. The main aim of my project was to develop a system able to perform in parallel multiple planar patch clamp recordings, allowing fast screening of the effects of drugs on ion channel functionality. During these years she got acquainted with technique of soft lithography refined by Focus Ion Beam (FIB). From the 2009 she is a researcher of Institute of National Research Council (CNR). Since 2019 she co-worked with Nanobiophotonics department of Istituto italiano di tecnologia (IIT) working on a scientific projects “Quantitative single molecule localizations of channel proteins by using fluorescence super resolution tecniques” in which a quantitative super-resolution techniques is empoyied to study and characterize channel proteins heterodimer. From 2019 she works in mechanobiology lab (IBF) studing how mecahno-protein mutations affect the cell phenotypes at mechanical and physiological level .



- Email
- Phone +39-010-6475571
- Location Genova


Research interests:

- Quantitative single molecule localizations of channel proteins by using fluorescence super resolution tecniques (Principal investigator)
- Nanomaterials (Principal investigator)
- Mechanobiology

Further collaborations:

- Collaboro dal 2011 con il dipartimento di Nanofisica dell’Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia con sede a Genova. In particolare collaboro con la Dottoressa Francesca Cella Zanacchi con cui disegno ed attuo progetti che contemplano l’analisi di campioni biologici in vivo e fissati mediante tecniche di microscopia avanzata.
- Lavoro e collaboro dal 2003 con il Dipartimento di Fisica dell’Università di Genova.

Key publications:

Abdelrasoul, Gaser N.; Magrassi, R; Dante, S; d'Amora, M; d'Abbusco, MS; Pellegrino, T; Diaspro, A . “PEGylated gold nanorods as optical trackers for biomedical applications: an in vivo and in vitro comparative study”. Nanotechnology, Volume: 27 Issue: 25, Article Number: 255101; DOI: 10.1088/0957-4484/27/25/255101; May 2016.

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Publications (19):

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