Biophysics is an interdisciplinary science, placed between the complexity of biology and the simplicity of physical laws, which welcomes contributions from various disciplines to explore and develop new tools to discover the functioning mechanisms of living matter and analyze them with quantitative and formal approaches.

IBF research addresses four scientific areas, facing important challenges in understanding biological systems, with applications in biomedicine, the environment and the agri-food system. A fifth area of interest is related to training and scientific dissemination.
Although the research activity of the institute is defined in the different scientific areas, the multidisciplinary nature of biophysics means that in many cases the work necessary to unravel a question cannot be defined in a single scientific area, but frequently crosses the limits to broaden horizons.

Scientific Topics

Biological structures

Physicochemical and structual features of biological macromolecules
and supramolecular complexes.

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Cell biophysics

Undestanding the molecular basis of cellularmechanisms in normal and pathological conditions.

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Environmental and agro-food biophysics

Study of the impact of environment in living systems.

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Mathematical models of biological systems

Mathematics and informatics applied to model molecules and cell function.

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Formation, dissemination and outreach

Interaction between science and society.

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