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Tiziana Amendola

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Publications (13):

Effect of exogenous administration of nerve growth factor in the retina of rats with inherited retinitis pigmentosa.
Lenzi L.1, Coassin M.2, Lambiase A.3, Bonini S.4, Amendola T.5, Aloe L.6
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EGF and NGF injected into the brain of old mice enhance BDNF and ChAT in proliferating subventricular zone
Tirassa P. 1, Triaca V. 2, Amendola T. 3, Fiore M. 4, Aloe L. 5
Journal of neuroscience research, 2003

Agonistic encounters in aged male mouse potentiate the expression of endogenous brain NGF and BDNF: possible implication for brain progenitor cells' activation
Fiore M, Amendola T, Triaca V, Tirassa P, Alleva E, Aloe L
European journal of neuroscience (Print), 2003

Short-term hypergravity influences NGF and BDNF expression, and mast cell distribution in the lungs and heart of adult male mice.
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Nerve growth factor serum level is reduced in patients with sensorineural hearing impairment: possible clinical implications.
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Developmental expression of nerve growth factor in the eye of rats affected by inherited retinopathy: correlative aspects with retinal structural degeneration.
Amendola T., Aloe L.
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Brain NGF and EGF administration improves passive avoidance response and stimulates brain precursor cells in aged male mice.
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Bromodeoxyuridine and methylazoxymethanol exposure during brain development affects behavior in rats: consideration for a role of nerve growth factor and brain derived neurotrophic factor.
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Neuroscience letters (Print), 2001