Biomarkers of environmental stress

Identification of cellular and molecular biomarkers in plant organisms (unicellular algae and higher plants) in response to exposure to environmental stress: antioxidant enzymatic activity, measurement of lipid peroxidation, phytochelatin induction, cellular content of chlorophylls and carotenoids, variations of the protein pattern through the application of proteomic techniques.
Impact of emerging pollutants such as engineered nanoparticles, nano- and micro-plastics on the marine environment: ecotoxicology and interactions with phytoplankton. Interaction of natural organic matter and nanoparticles: characterization of the protein corona.
Biodiversity study in ex-mining areas and defence mechanisms in higher plants. Use of tolerant species for the phytoremediation of soils contaminated by metals.

Patrizia Cioni
Sabina Lucia