Michael Pusch


1987 - Masters in Physics, Göttingen, Germany
1990 - Ph.D. in Physics, Göttingen, Germany
1990-1991 Postdoc, Istituto di Cibernetica e Biofisica, Genova
1991-1997 Postdoc, Center for Molecular Neurobiology, Hamburg, Germany
Since 1997 - Research scientist at IBF

Short description of research activity
My research group has a long-standing expertise in the biophysical characterization ion channels and transporters with emphasis on mechanisms underlying human genetic diseases, using state of the art high-resolution electrophysiological techniques and expression in Xenopus oocytes as wells as in mammalian cell lines. The lab is also routinely performing site-directed mutagenesis to introduce disease causing mutations on the expression constructs. The investigated proteins include voltage-gated cation channels and voltage-gated chloride channels and transporters.

orcid://0000-0002-8644-8847, ncbi://43680973


- Email michael.pusch@ge.ibf.cnr.it
- Phone +39-010-6475520
- Site Genova



Research interests:

- Quantitative single molecule localizations of channel proteins by using fluorescence super resolution tecniques (Principal investigator)

- Biophysics of intracellular CLC chloride / proton exchangers (Principal investigator)

- Characterization of LRRC8 volume regulated anion channels (Principal investigator)

- Migraine and the voltage-gated sodium channel (Principal investigator)

Key publications:

Jentsch TJ, Pusch M. 2018. CLC Chloride Channels and Transporters: Structure, Function, Physiology, and Disease. Physiol Rev 98:1493-1590 doi: 10.1152/physrev.00047.2017

Bertelli S, Barbieri R, Pusch M, Gavazzo P. 2018. Gain of function of sporadic/familial hemiplegic migraine-causing SCN1A mutations: Use of an optimized cDNA. Cephalalgia doi: 10.1177/0333102418788336

Gradogna A, Gavazzo P, Boccaccio A, Pusch M. 2017. Subunit-dependent oxidative stress sensitivity of LRRC8 volume-regulated anion channels. J Physiol 595:6719-33

Jeworutzki E, López-Hernández T, Capdevila-Nortes X, Bengtsson L, Sirisi S, Montolio M, Zifarelli G, Arnedo T, Müller CS, Schulte U, Nunes V, Martínez A, Jentsch TJ, Gasull X, Pusch M, Estévez R. 2012. GlialCAM, a protein defective in a leukodystrophy, serves as ClC-2 Cl- channel auxiliary subunit. Neuron 73:951-961

Zifarelli G, Pusch M. 2009. Conversion of the 2 Cl(-)/1 H+ antiporter ClC-5 in a NO3(-)/H(+) antiporter by a single point mutation. EMBO J 28:175-82

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