Carla Marchetti


Carla Marchetti graduated in Physics (1980, Genoa, Italy). She worked at MPI (Munich, Germany, 1984) and Texas Medical Center (Houston, USA, 1985-87). Since 1984, she is a permanent researcher at Institute of Biophysics (IBF), National Research Council, Genoa, Italy, and senior researcher since 2001. She has been coordinator of national and international research projects, supervisor of pre-doctoral and doctoral thesis and acts as peer referee for international journals and for research projects for the Italian Ministry of Research (MIUR). She has contributed more than 50 papers to peer-reviewed international journals with H-index=21 (Scopus).



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- Phone +39-010-6475578
- Site Genova


Research interests:

- Multitarget bioactive polyphenols as modulators of cytosolic calcium (Principal investigator)

Further collaborations:

- Silvio Palmero (DIFAR, Università degli studi di Genova)

Key publications:

Cornara L, Pastorino G, Borghesi B, Salis A, Clericuzio M, Marchetti C, Damonte G, Burlando B (2018) Posidonia oceanica (L.) Delile ethanolic extract modulates cell activities with skin health applications. Marine Drugs 16(1):21

Marchetti C, Ribulla S, Patrone M, Magnelli V, Burlando B (2016) Resveratrol induces intracellular Ca2+ rise via T-type Ca2+ channels in a mesothelioma cell line. Life Sciences 148:125-131

Marchetti C, Clericuzio M, Borghesi B, Cornara L, Ribulla S, Gosetti F, Marengo E, Burlando B (2015) Oleuropein-Enriched Olive Leaf Extract Affects Calcium Dynamics and Impairs Viability of Malignant Mesothelioma Cells. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2015:908493. doi: 10.1155/2015/908493

Scudieri P, Caci E, Venturini A, Sondo E, Pianigiani G, Marchetti C, Ravazzolo R, Pagani F, Galietta LJ (2015) Ion channel and lipid scramblase activity associated with expression of tmem16F/ANO6 isoforms. J Physiol. 593(17):3829-48

Marchetti C (2014) Interaction of metal ions with neurotransmitter receptors and potential role in neurodiseases. BioMetals 27:1097-1113

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