Edi Gabellieri


1980 Degree in Biological Sciences – Pisa University
1981– 1990 Professional training fellowship (ex L. 285) at the Institute of Biophysics (PI)
From 1990 to now Researcher at the Institute of Biophysics – Section of Pisa



- Email edi.gabellieri@pi.ibf.cnr.it
- Phone +39-050-3153048
- Site Pisa

Research interests:

- Interaction of proteins with nanoparticles (Principal investigator)

- Biomarkers of environmental stress

- Bioplasmonics and Scanning Probe Microscopy

- Trp phosphorescence spectroscopy applied to the study of protein structure and dynamics.

- Engineering methionine gamma lyase for anticancer therapy.

Key publications:

Elisabetta Morelli, Edi Gabellieri, Alessandra Bonomini, Danika Tognotti, Giacomo Grassi, Ilaria Corsi. 2018. TiO2 nanoparticles in seawater: aggregation and interactions with the green alga Dunaliella tertiolecta. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 148 : 184-193.

V.V. Kulikova, E. A. Morozova, S. V. Revtovich, M. I. Kotlov, N. V. Anufrieva, N. P. Bazhulina, S. Raboni, S. Faggiano, E. Gabellieri, P. Cioni, Y. F. Belyi, A. Mozzarelli, T. V. Demidkina. 2017. Gene cloning, characterization and cytotoxic activity of methionine gamma-lyase from Clostridium novyi. IUBMB Life, 69:668-676.

E. Jacchetti, E. Gabellieri, P. Cioni, R. Bizzarri, R. Nifosì. 2016. Temperature and pressure effects on GFP mutants: explaining spectral changes by molecular dynamics simulation and TD-DFT calculations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics; 18: 12828-12838.

Patrizia Cioni, Edi Gabellieri, Stephane Marchal and Reinhard Lange. 2014. Temperature and pressure effects on C112S azurin: Volume, expansivity, and flexibility changes. Proteins 82:1787–1798.

E. Gabellieri, G.B. Strambini, D. Shcharbin, B. Klainert, M. Bryszewska 2006. Dendrimer-Protein Interactions Studied by Tryptophan Room Temperature Phosphorescence Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1764, 1750-1756.

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