Carlo Musio


1988: Degree in Biological Sciences (UniPisa);
1991: CNR-MISM Fellowship in Biophysics (ICIB-CNR Arco Felice, Naples);
1994-1998: CNR Researcher TD;
1998-today: CNR Researcher (permanent);
since 2016: Advisory Editor of the journal "Biophysical Chemistry" Elsevier;
since 2011: Associate Editor of the journal "Photochemistry and Photobiology" Wiley;
2012-2016: President of SIBPA - Italian Society of Pure and Applied Biophysics (to date Past-President)
since 2010: Appointed Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the European Society for Photobiology (ESP).
Expertize: Biophysics of Neural and Sensory Systems; Ionic Channels; Sensory photobiology; optogenetics; Neurobiology; Bio-hybrid systems; Cell models of neurodegenerative diseases.



- Email
- Phone +39-0461-314157
- Site Trento

Research interests:

- Ion channels in neurodegenerative disease (Principal investigator)

- Bio-hybrid interfaces to study neuromorphic functionalities (Principal investigator)

- Visual and non-visual photoreceptors (Principal investigator)

- Host-Pathogen Interaction

Further collaborations:

- Silvia Caponi (Cnr-Iom, Perugia),
- Manuela Basso (CIBIO, Trento)
- Maria Pennuto (Università di Padova)
- Paolo Macchi (CIBIO, Trento)
- Luciano Conti (CIBIO, Trento)
- Cecilia Pederzolli (FBK, Trento)
- Cristina Potrich (FBK, Trento)
- Lorenzo Lunelli ((FBK, Trento)
- Georg Nagel (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, D)

Financial support:

- PolyQ Clamp - Characterization, alteration and recovery of the cellular excitability in Spinal and Bulbar muscular Atrophy (SBMA), a polyglutamine neurodegenerative disease. Rif. 2018.0274, Fondazione CARITRO Trento.
- Project MaDEleNA.”Grandi Progetti 2012”. Provincia Autonoma di Trento.

Key publications:

Ricci M, Sagini K, Caponi S, Urbanelli L, Cornella N, Macchi P, Morresi A, Emiliani C, Fioretto D, Musio C, Sassi P (2018) Micro-Raman detection of the differentiation state of SH-SY5Y cells grown on silicon and aluminium substrates. J Raman Spectrosc 49: 1031-1040

Jiménez Garduño AM, Juárez-Hernández LJ, Polanco MJ, Tosatto L, Michelatti D, Arosio D, Basso M, Pennuto M, Musio C (2017) Altered ionic currents and amelioration by IGF-1 and PACAP in motoneuron-derived cells modeling SBMA. Biophys Chem 229: 68-76

Roncador A, Jimenez-Garduño AM, Pasquardini L, Giusti G, Cornella N, Lunelli L, Potrich C, Bartali R, Aversa L, Verucchi R, Serra MD, Caponi S, Iannotta S, Macchi P, Musio C (2017) Primary cortical neurons on PMCS TiO2 films towards bio-hybrid memristive device: A morpho-functional study. Biophys Chemistry 229: 115-122

Caponi S, Mattana S, Ricci M, Sagini K, Juarez-Hernandez LJ, Jimenez-Garduño AM, Cornella N, Pasquardini L, Urbanelli L, Sassi P, Morresi A, Emiliani C, Fioretto D, Dalla Serra M, Pederzolli C, Iannotta S, Macchi P, Musio C (2016) A multidisciplinary approach to study the functional properties of neuron-like cell models constituting a living bio-hybrid system: SH-SY5Y cells adhering to PANI substrate. AIP Advances, 6, 111303; doi: 10.1063/1.4966587 (highlighted in: Researchers create living bio-hybrid system AAAS|EurekAlert! Science News 15 Nov 2016 -

Santillo S, Orlando P, De Petrocellis L, Cristino L, Guglielmotti V, Musio C (2006) Evolving visual pigments: Hints from the opsin-based proteins in a phylogenetically old eyeless invertebrate. BioSystems 86:3-17

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