Gabriella Viero


GV got her Master in Biology in 1999 (Italy) and the PhD in Biotechnology applied to biomedical sciences in 2006 (Italy). She is interested in RNA biology, translation and motor neuron diseases. The Lab studies polyribosomes by nano-imaging and ribosome profiling. The Lab is interested in interdisciplinary research with labs expert in mathematics, IT, neuropathology and cell biology. The Lab has developed methods for studying polysomes in difficult samples and their characterization by POLSeq and RIBO-Seq. Recent combined output includes papers in top journals (J. Cell. Biol., NAR, Bioinformatics, Nat. Comm., Cell Reports, Mol. Cell).



- Email
- Phone +39-0461-314033
- Site Trento


Research interests:

- Translational defects in motor neuron diseases (Principal investigator)

- Host-Pathogen Interaction

Further collaborations:

- Thomas Gillingwater (University of Edinburgh, UK)
- GianGiacomo Consalez (San Raffele, Italy)
- Alessandro Quattrone (University of Trento, Italy)
- Alessandro Vercelli (University of Turin, Italy)
- Giovanni Stefani (University of Trento)
- Pietro Fratta (UCL, UK)
- Stephany Halene (Yale Medical School, US)
- Toma Tebaldi (Yale Medical School, US)
- Sander Granneman (University of Edinburgh)
- Andrea Passerini (University of Trento)
- Ileana Zucchi (Cnr, Italy)
- Gregor Anderluh (National Institute of Chemistry, Slovenia)

Financial support:

- Axonal translatome in mouse models of Amyotrophic Lateral Scleorosis. 2018-2021 ARISLA (I): Full Grant - Scientist in charge.
- Tagfree axonal translatome to reveal defects in mRNA transport and association to axonal polysomes in ALS/FTD. 2017-2018 ALS Association (USA): Starter Grant - Principal Investigator.

Key publications:

Lauria F, Tebaldi T, Bernabò P, Groen EJN, Gillingwater TH, Viero G (2018) riboWaltz: Optimization of ribosome P-site positioning in ribosome profiling data. PLoS Comput Biol. 14(8):e1006169

Tebaldi T, Zuccotti P, Peroni D, Köhn M, Gasperini L, Potrich V, Bonazza V, Dudnakova T, Rossi A, Sanguinetti G, Conti L, Macchi P, D'Agostino V, Viero G, Tollervey D, Hüttelmaier S, Quattrone A (2018) HuD Is a Neural Translation Enhancer Acting on mTORC1-Responsive Genes and Counteracted by the Y3 Small Non-coding RNA. Mol Cell. 71(2):256-270.e10

Negro S, Stazi M, Marchioretto M, Tebaldi T, Rodella U, Duregotti E, Gerke V, Quattrone A, Montecucco C, Rigoni M, Viero G (2018) Hydrogen peroxide is a neuronal alarmin that triggers specific RNAs, local translation of Annexin A2 and cytoskeletal remodeling in Schwann cells. RNA 24(7):915-925

Bernabò P, Tebaldi T, Groen EJN, Lane FM, Perenthaler E, Mattedi F, Newbery HJ, Zhou H, Zuccotti P, Potrich V, Shorrock HK, Muntoni F, Quattrone A, Gillingwater TH, Viero G (2017) In Vivo Translatome Profiling in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Reveals a Role for SMN Protein in Ribosome Biology. Cell Rep. 21(4):953-965

Viero G, Lunelli L, Passerini A, Bianchini P, Gilbert RJ, Bernabò P, Tebaldi T, Diaspro A, Pederzolli C, Quattrone A (2015) Three distinct ribosome assemblies modulated by translation are the building blocks of polysomes. J Cell Biol. 208(5):581-96

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