Division of Trento

The biophysics activities in Trento began in 1992 by Gianfranco Menestrina in the Department of biomolecules and biological membranes, already belonging to the Centre for the study of physical aggregates of Cnr, where he was interested in bacterial toxins that form pores in cell membranes. In 2002 the biophysics group of Trento became the Unit of the newly established CNR Institute of Biophysics.
In Trento we continue the analysis of the structure and mechanisms of bacterial toxins, a subject of particular interest in pharmacology, biotechnology and biosensors. We also perform research on macromolecular complexes, sensory photobiophysics and image analysis. Structural and functional studies are conducted in different biological models, from single molecules to living cells and organisms. All these lines of research, despite their specificity, focus on structure-function relationships in macromolecular complexes. This common goal is rooted and implemented through inter- and multidisciplinary approaches, which are constitutive elements of modern biophysics.