Division of Palermo

The Institute for interdisciplinary applications of Physics in Palermo was born in 1980, on the initiative of some physicists and suggestions by Edoardo Amaldi, with a multidisciplinary intent and research lines ranging from astrophysics to theoretical physics and biophysics. Over the years, the biophysics line has developed to include the whole activity of the Institute. Since 2002 it has been part of the Institute of Biophysics of the Cnr.
The main theme of the Palermo Division is the study of the physico-chemical processes of molecular and supra-molecular aggregation. Subsequently in this unit the research activities aimed at characterizing from a chemical-physical and spectroscopic point of view products and molecules of pre-applicative interest the agri-food field have considerably developed. A proficient group of theoretical physicists have found a fertile ground for exploitation in the modelling of complex phenomena such as those that typically characterize the nervous system.