A special issue of Sensors “Enabling Technologies for Biosensors”, edited by Prof. Dr. Paolo Facci and Prof. Dr. Andrea Alessandrini, is open for submission

Sensors is a leading journal devoted to fast publication of the latest achievements of technological developments and scientific research in the huge area of physical, chemical and biochemical sensors, including remote sensing and sensor networks. Both experimental and theoretical papers are published, including all aspects of sensor design, technology, proof of concept and application. Sensors organizes Special Issues devoted to specific sensing areas and applications each year.

Biosensors are devices endowed with the ability of sensing and quantifying the presence of molecules of biological origin, possibly utilizing also biological molecules to probe some analytes either in vivo or in vitro. Sample preparation, sample translation, analyte exposure to sensing elements, signal transduction, amplification, data acquisition and storage, data readout and evaluation are only some examples of needed stages. As such, biosensors rely on both well established and developing technologies such as micro to nanoelectronics, optics, microfluidics, (electro)chemistry, diverse biotechnologies (PCR, protein engineering, protein heterologous overexpression, phage display, solid state peptide synthesis…), combinatorial chemistry, surface functionalization, AI, just to quote some.

Therefore, this Special Issue aims to collect the latest scientific and technological advances in any relevant enabling technology impinging on the development and improvement of biosensors.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Facci
Prof. Dr. Andrea Alessandrini

Guest Editors


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 28 February 2021