The #ContaMinAzioni stand of the Institute of Biophysics at “Più Libri Più Liberi 2019” (4-8 December 2019 – Rome – EUR)

Rome – December, 5th 2019. The Institute of Biophysics meets in great public on the occasion of “Più Libri Più Liberi”, the national fair dedicated to small and medium publishing editors at the La Nuvola Convention Center in Rome. Among the several appointments presented in the stand of the National Research Council edited by CNR Editions (Communication and Public Relations Unit), in particular in the section “Workshops for children”, the researchers Vincenzo Martorana (IBF – Palermo), Federica Cossu (IBF – Milan) and Mauro Dalla Serra (IBF Director) revealed the principles of X-ray diffraction and applications of protein crystallography to students of secondary-level schools with two practical demonstrations: Let’s reproduce the photo that revealed the structure of DNA – How to grow lysozime crystals. These interventions are also part of the Science in a box project (, a Cnr initiative conceived and promoted by the Communication and Public Relations Unit of Genoa, in collaboration with the national scientific network of the CNR, with the aim of disseminating science in schools through the preparation of educational kits.

Furthermore, as part of the “Meeting with the researchers” section, Vincenzo Martorana presented the interesting results obtained studying on Le serpine, kamikaze molecules, illustrating how biophysics can address the study of the molecular basis of some human pathologies.

The Cnr-Ibf participated thanks to the invitation of the colleagues of the Communication and Public Relations Unit, who plan scientific dissemination events and educational projects (Francesca Messina, Luca Balletti, Cecilia Tria and Filippo Sozzi) and the hospitality provided by the colleagues of Cnr Edizioni (Sara Di Marcello, Tiziana Ciciotti, Rita Vetro and Marco Arizza).

A photogallery of the event