Cnr in Nature’s world Top Ten

The National Researches Council is enlisted in the 2018 ranking of the ten research institutions with the largest number of articles on Life Sciences, Chemistry, Physics and Earth and Environmental Sciences, published on the most prestigious journals monitored by Nature.

Even more relevant to the Institute of Biophysics is the fact that the paper ‘Photochemistry beyond the red limit in chlorophyll f–containing photosystems’  is cited in the list of Nature Index 2019. The article describes how blue-green algae can photosynthesize in extremely low energy radiation – a discovery with intriguing implications for astrobiology. Among the authors of this glamorous paper, we count Stefano Santabarbara, researcher of the Research Unit in Photosynthesis at the Institute of Biophysics in Milan.

The research to which Stefano Santabarbara contributed is the result of an international collaboration coordinated by William Rutherford of London Imperial College, and it was also presented on CNR official web page where it is available for reading