Mathematical Physics II – A special issue of Mathematics

Enrico De Micheli – Researcher of the Institute of Biophysics (Genoa) – is Guest Editor of special issue ‘Mathematical Physics II’.

The impressive adequacy of many physical theories with experimental observations has always been the stimulating beacon for mathematical physicists, whose wish is to achieve coherent representations and understanding of the various branches of physics in terms of mathematically well-defined objects. The mathematical beauty of the classical theories of the nineteenth century evolved in the first-half of twentieth century towards the revolutionary ideas of Special Relativity and the puzzling concepts of Quantum Mechanics, which boosted use and development of sophisticated algebras. The synthesis of these two paradigms, Quantum Field Theory, provides an outstanding and intriguing theoretical framework for the mathematical formulation of physical theories. Investigation of analyticity properties of structure functions and scattering kernels, the harmonic analysis on groups, unitary representation theory, algebraic geometry and operator algebras are just few examples of the numerous profitable mathematical tools which are normally applied. Mathematical methods that find fruitful application also in Quantum Information Theory, the more recent encounter of quantum ideas with Information Theory, and that allow exploring challenging topics such as entanglement theory, quantum communication channel theory and algorithm design for quantum computation.


Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 October 2019