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2012pH dependence of listeriolysin O aggregation and pore-forming abilityBavdek A, Kostanjek R, Antonini V, Lakey JH, Dalla Serra M, Gilbert RJ, Anderluh GFebs Journal
2012On the molecular structure of human neuroserpin polymersSantangelo MG; Noto R; Levantino M; Cupane A; Ricagno S, Pezzullo M, Bolognesi M, Mangione MR, Martorana V, Manno MProteins
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2012Fundamental questions and concepts about photoreception and the case of Euglena gracilisBarsanti L, Evangelista V, Passarelli V, Frassanito AM, Gualtieri PIntegrative Biology
2012A multidisciplinary approach for assessing the toxicity of marine sediments: analysis of metal content and elutriate bioassays using metal bioavailability and genotoxicity biomarkersFrassinetti S, Pitzalis E, Mascherpa MC, Caltavuturo L, Morelli EArchives Of Environmental Contamination And Toxicology
2012Phosphorylation of serine residues in the N-terminus modulates the activity of ACA8, a plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase of Arabidopsis thalianaGiacometti S, Marrano CA, Bonza MC, Luoni L, Limonta M, De Michelis MIJournal Of Experimental Botany
2012Understanding UV-driven metabolism in the hypersaline ciliate Fabrea salinaMarangoni R, Paris D, Melck D, Fulgentini L, Colombetti G, Motta AEuropean Biophysics Journal Issn:
2012In vitro exposure to nicotine induces endocytosis of presynaptic AMPA receptors modulating dopamine release in rat nucleus accumbens nerve terminalsGrilli M; Summa M; Salamone A; Olivero G; Zappettini S; Di Prisco S; Feligioni M; Usai C; Pittaluga A; Marchi MNeuropharmacology
2012Mechanism of proton/substrate coupling in the heptahelical lysosomal transporter cystinosinRuivo R, Bellenchi GC, Chen X, Zifarelli G, Sagne' C, Debacker C, Pusch M, Supplisson S, Gasnier B.Proceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
2012Holomorphic extensions associated with series expansionsDe Micheli Enrico; Giovanni Alberto VianoForum Mathematicum
2012Fredholm integral equations of the first kind and topological information theoryDe Micheli Enrico; Viano Giovanni AlbertoIntegral Equations And Operator Theory
2012Calmidazolium selectively inhibits exocytotic glutamate release evoked by P2X7 receptor activationCervetto C; Mazzotta MC; Frattaroli D; Alloisio S; Nobile M; Maura G; Marcoli MNeurochemistry International
2012P2X7 receptor-mediated calcium dynamics in HEK293 cells: experimental characterization and modelling approachDi Garbo A; Alloisio S; Nobile MPhysical Biology
2012A Dynamical Feedback Model for Adaptation in the Olfactory Transduction PathwayDe Palo G; Boccaccio A; Miri A; Menini A; Altafini CBiophysical Journal
2012Autocrine abscisic acid plays a key role in quartz-induced macrophage activationMagnone M; Sturla L; Jacchetti E; Scarfi' S; Bruzzone S; Usai C; Guida L; Salis A; Damonte G; De Flora A; Zocchi EThe Faseb Journal
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2012Characterization of the emergent properties of a synthetic quasi-cellular systemLazzerini-Ospri L; Stano P; Luisi PL; Marangoni RBmc Bioinformatics
2012BpMatch: An Efficient Algorithm for a Segmental Analysis of Genomic SequencesFelicioli C; Marangoni RIeee/acm Transactions On Computational Biology And Bioinformatics
2012Reconstituted CP29: multicomponent fluorescence decay from an optically homogeneous sampleBelgio E; Tumino G; Santabarbara S; Zucchelli G; Jennings RCPhotosynthesis Research
2012Ivermectin is a potent inhibitor of flavivirus replication specifically targeting NS3 helicase activity: new prospects for an old drugMastrangelo E; Pezzullo M; De Burghgraeve T; Kaptein S; Pastorino B; Dallmeier K; de Lamballerie X; Neyts J; Hanson AM; Frick DN; Bolognesi M; Milani MJournal Of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy
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2012Flaviviral helicase: Insights into the mechanism of action of a motor proteinMastrangelo E; Bolognesi M; Milani MBiochemical And Biophysical Research Communications
2012Structural Organization of DNA in Chlorella VirusesWulfmeyer T; Polzer C; Hiepler G; Hamacher K; Shoeman R; Dunigan DD; Van Etten JL; Lolicato M; Moroni A; Thiel G; Meckel TPlos One
2012Rational design, synthesis and characterization of potent, drug-like monomeric Smac mimetics as pro-apoptotic anticancer agentsBianchi A; Ugazzi M; Ferrante L; Lecis D; Scavullo C; Mastrangelo E; Seneci PBioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters
2012Introgression from cultivated rice influences genetic differentiation of weedy rice populations at a local spatial scaleJiang Z; Xia H; Basso B; Lu BRTheoretical And Applied Genetics
2012The Q(y) Absorption Spectrum of the Light-Harvesting Complex II As Determined by Structure-Based Analysis of Chlorophyll Macrocycle DeformationsZucchelli G; Santabarbara S; Jennings RCBiochemistry
2012GlialCAM, a Protein Defective in a Leukodystrophy, Serves as a CIC-2 Cl- Channel Auxiliary SubunitJeworutzki E; Lopez-Hernandez T; Capdevila-Nortes X; Bengtsson L; Sirisi S; Montolio M; Zifarelli G; Arnedo T; Muller CS; Schulte U; Nunes V; Martinez A; Jentsch TJ; Gasull X; Pusch M; Estevez RNeuron
2012Identification and Characterization of the Defensin-Like Gene Family of GrapevineGiacomelli L; Nanni V; Lenzi L; Zhuang J; Dalla Serra M; Banfield MJ; Town CD; Silverstein KAT; Baraldi E; Moser CMolecular Plant-microbe Interactions
2012Downregulation of HuR as a new mechanism of doxorubicin resistance in breast cancer cellsLatorre E; Tebaldi T; Viero G; Sparta' AM; Quattrone A; Provenzani AMolecular Cancer
2012Networking Properties of Cyclodextrin-Based Cross-Linked Polymers Probed by Inelastic Light-Scattering ExperimentsRossi B; Caponi S; Castiglione F; Corezzi S; Fontana A; Giarola M; Mariotto G; Mele A; Petrillo C; Trotta F; Viliani GThe Journal Of Physical Chemistry. B
2012Synthesis and characterization of PMMA-based superhydrophobic surfacesBernagozzi I; Torrengo S; Minati L; Ferrari M; Chiappini A; Armellini C; Toniutti L; Lunelli L; Speranza GColloid And Polymer Science
2012Nitrogen fertilizer improves boron phytoextraction by Brassica juncea grown in contaminated sediments and alleviates plant stressGiansoldati V; Tassi E; Morelli E; Gabellieri E; Pedron F; Barbafieri MChemosphere
2012Itraconazole inhibits HMEC-1 angiogenesisDel Carratore R; Carpi A; Beffy P; Lubrano V; Giorgetti L; Maserti BE; Carluccio MA; Simili M; Iervasi G; Balzan SBiomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
2012Cytokines induce tight junction disassembly in airway cells via an EGFR-dependent MAPK/ERK1/2-pathwayPetecchia L; Sabatini F; Usai C; Caci E; Varesio L; Rossi GALaboratory Investigation
2012OsWRKY22, a monocot WRKY gene, plays a role in the resistance response to blastAbbruscato P; Nepusz T; Mizzi L; Del Corvo M; Morandini P; Fumasoni I; Michel C; Paccanaro A; Guiderdoni E; Schaffrath U; Morel JB; Piffanelli P; Faivre-Rampant OMolecular Plant Pathology
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2012Understanding target-like signals in coastal altimetry: Experimentation of a tomographic imaging techniqueA. Scozzari; J. Gomez-Enri; S. Vignudelli; F. SoldovieriGeophysical Research Letters
2012Probing cytoskeleton organisation of neuroblastoma cells with single-cell force spectroscopyMescola A; Vella S; Scotto M; Gavazzo P; Canale C; Diaspro A; Pagano A; Vassalli MJmr. Journal Of Molecular Recognition
2012Modulation of plant TPC channels by polyunsaturated fatty acidsGutla PV; Boccaccio A; De Angeli A; Gambale F; Carpaneto AJournal Of Experimental Botany
2012Differential toxicity, conformation and morphology of typical initial aggregation states of A beta 1-42 and A beta py3-42 beta-amyloidsGalante D; Corsaro A; Florio T; Vella S; Pagano A; Sbrana F; Vassalli M; Perico A; D'Arrigo CInternational Journal Of Biochemistry & Cell Biology
2012Multiscale characterization of a chimeric biomimetic polypeptide for stem cell cultureSbrana F; Fotia C; Bracalello A; Baldini N; Marletta G; Ciapetti G; Bochicchio B; Vassalli MBioinspiration & Biomimetics
2012Progressive effect of beta amyloid peptides accumulation on CA1 pyramidal neurons: a model study suggesting possible treatmentsCulmone V; Migliore MFrontiers In Computational Neuroscience
2012Mesenchymal Stem Cells Shape Microglia Effector Functions Through the Release of CX3CL1Giunti D; Parodi B; Usai C; Vergani L; Casazza S; Bruzzone S; Mancardi G; Uccelli AStem Cells
2012Kidins220/ARMS mediates the integration of the neurotrophin and VEGF pathways in the vascular and nervous systemsCesca F; Yabe A; Spencer-Dene B; Scholz-Starke J; Medrihan L; Maden CH; Gerhardt H; Orriss IR; Baldelli P; Al-Qatari M; Koltzenburg M; Adams RH; Benfenati F; Schiavo GCell Death And Differentiation
2012Kidins220/ARMS Is a Novel Modulator of Short-Term Synaptic Plasticity in Hippocampal GABAergic NeuronsScholz-Starke J; Cesca F; Schiavo G; Benfenati F; Baldelli PPlos One
2012Studies of network organization and dynamics of e-beam crosslinked PVPs: From macro to nanoDispenza C; Grimaldi N; Sabatino MA; Todaro S; Bulone D; Giacomazza D; Przybytniak G; Alessi A; Spadaro GRadiation Physics And Chemistry
2012Inhibiting effect of alpha(s1)-casein on A beta(1-40) fibrillogenesisCarrotta R; Canale C; Diaspro A; Trapani A; San Biagio PL; Bulone DBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta. G, General Subjects
2012alpha-Casein Inhibition Mechanism in Concanavalin A Aggregation ProcessCarrotta R; Vilasi S; Librizzi F; Martorana V; Bulone D; San Biagio PLThe Journal Of Physical Chemistry. B
2012Functional analyses of the plant photosystem I-light-harvesting complex II supercomplex reveal that light-harvesting complex II loosely bound to photosystem II is a very efficient antenna for photosystem I in state II.Galka P, Santabarbara S, Khuong TT, Degand H, Morsomme P, Jennings RC, Boekema EJ, Caffarri S.The Plant Cell
2012Exploring the electron transfer pathways in photosystem I by high-time-resolution electron paramagnetic resonance: observation of the B-side radical pair P700(+)A1B(-) in whole cells of the deuterated green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii at cryogenic tempBerthold T, von Gromoff ED, Santabarbara S, Stehle P, Link G, Poluektov OG, Heathcote P, Beck CF, Thurnauer MC, Kothe G.Journal Of The American Chemical Society
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2012Chemical stability of CdSe quantum dots in seawater and their effects on a marine microalgaMorelli, E ; Cioni, P ; Posarelli, M; Gabellieri, EAquatic Toxicology
2012Minimalism in Radiation-synthesis of Biomedical Functional NanogelsDispenza C; Sabatino MA; Grimaldi N; Bulone D; Bondi ML; Casaletto MP; Rigogliuso S; Adamo G; Ghersi GBiomacromolecules
2012Resolution of the effects induced by W->F substitutions on the conformation and dynamics of the amyloid-forming apomyoglobin mutant W7FW14FInfusini G; Iannuzzi C; Vilasi S; Birolo L; Pagnozzi D; Pucci P; Irace G; Sirangelo IEuropean Biophysics Journal
2012Synthesis of Tetrasubstituted 4,4 '-BiimidazolesMartorana A; Pace A; Buscemi S; Palumbo Piccionello AOrganic Letters
2012Rheological characterization and release properties of inulin-based hydrogelsPitarresi G; Giacomazza D; Triolo D; Giammona G; San Biagio PLCarbohydrate Polymers
2012Thermodynamic versus Conformational Metastability in Fibril-Forming Lysozyme SolutionsRaccosta S; Martorana V; Manno MThe Journal Of Physical Chemistry. B
2012Neutron Scattering Reveals Enhanced Protein Dynamics in Concanavalin A Amyloid FibrilsSchirò G; Vetri V; Frick B; Militello V; Leone M; Cupane AThe Journal Of Physical Chemistry Letters
2012Inhibition of foodborne pathogen bacteria by essential oils extracted from citrus fruits cultivated in SicilySettanni L; Palazzolo E; Guarrasi V; Aleo A; Mammina C; Moschetti G; Germanà MAFood Control
2012The Tempered Polymerization of Human NeuroserpinNoto R; Santangelo MG; Ricagno S; Mangione MR; Levantino M; Pezzullo M; Martorana V; Cupane A; Bolognesi M; Manno MPlos One
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2012New insights into C, N and P stoichiometry in the Mediterranean Sea: The Adriatic Sea caseSantinelli C; Ibello V; Lavezza R; Civitarese G; Seritti AContinental Shelf Research
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2012On the mechanism of gating charge movement of ClC-5, a human Cl(-)/H(+) antiporterZifarelli G., De Stefano S., Zanardi I., Pusch M.Biophysical Journal
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2012Natural Biomolecules and Protein Aggregation: Emerging Strategies against AmyloidogenesisSgarbossa AInternational Journal Of Molecular Sciences
2012Know Your Current I-h: Interaction with a Shunting Current Explains the Puzzling Effects of Its Pharmacological or Pathological ModulationsMigliore M; Migliore RPlos One
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2012Mitral cell spike synchrony modulated by dendrodendritic synapse locationMctavish TS; Migliore M; Shepherd GH; Hines MLFrontiers In Computational Neuroscience
2012The Transcription Factors BEL1 and SPL Are Required for Cytokinin and Auxin Signaling During Ovule Development in ArabidopsisBencivenga S; Simonini S; Benková E; Colombo LThe Plant Cell
2012The MADS box genes SEEDSTICK and ARABIDOPSIS Bsister play a maternal role in fertilization and seed developmentMizzotti C; Mendes MA; Caporali E; Schnittger A; Kater MM; Battaglia R; Colombo LPlant Journal
2012BASIC PENTACYSTEINE Proteins Mediate MADS Domain Complex Binding to the DNA for Tissue-Specific Expression of Target Genes in ArabidopsisSimonini S; Roig-Villanova I; Gregis V; Colombo B; Colombo L; Kater MMThe Plant Cell
2012Structural Insight into Inhibitor of Apoptosis Proteins Recognition by a Potent Divalent Smac-MimeticCossu F; Milani M; Vachette P; Malvezzi F; Grassi S; Lecis D; Delia D; Drago C; Seneci P; Bolognesi M; Mastrangelo EPlos One
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2012Multifunctional Branched Gold-Carbon Nanotube Hybrid for Cell Imaging and Drug DeliveryMinati L; Antonini V; Dalla Serra M; Speranza GLangmuir
2012Changes in galactolipid composition of the cold freshwater dinoflagellate Borghiella dodgei in response to temperatureFlaim G; Obertegger U; Guella GHydrobiologia
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2012Identification of differentially expressed genes associated with changes in the morphology of Pichia fermentans on apple and peach fruitFiori S; Scherm B; Liu J; Farrell R; Mannazzu I; Budroni M; Maserti BE; Wisniewski ME; Migheli QFems Yeast Research
2012Organic carbon dynamics in the Mediterranean Sea: An integrated studySantinelli C; Sempéré R; Van Wambeke F; Charriere B; Seritti AGlobal Biogeochemical Cycles