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2010Fluorescence quenching of buried Trp residues by acrylamide does not require penetration of the protein fold.Strambini GB, Gonnelli MJournal Of Physical Chemistry B
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2010In vitro activation of GAT1 transporters expressed in spinal cord gliosomes stimulates glutamate release that is abnormally elevated in the SOD1/G93A(+) mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.Milanese M, Zappettini S, Jacchetti E, Bonifacino T, Cervetto C, Usai C, Bonanno GJournal Of Neurochemistry
2010Inactivation of allergens and toxinsMorandini PNew Biotechnology
2010Insulin promotes survival of amyloid-beta oligomers neuroblastoma damaged cells via caspase 9 inhibition and Hsp70 upregulationDi Carlo M, Picone P, Carrotta R, Giacomazza D, San Biagio PLJournal Of Biomedicine And Biotechnology
2010Interquinone Electron Transfer in Photosystem I As Evidenced by Altering the Hydrogen Bond Strength to the Phylloquinone(s).Santabarbara S, Reifschneide K, Jasaitis A, Gu FF, Agostini G , Carbonera D, Rappaport F, Redding KEJournal Of Physical Chemistry B
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2010Local Control of Post-Inhibitory Rebound Spiking in CA1 Pyramidal Neuron DendritesAscoli G, Gasparini S, Medinilla V, Migliore MJournal Of Neuroscience
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2010Modulation of the Arabidopsis KAT1 channel by an activator of protein kinase C in Xenopus laevis oocytesSato A, Gambale F, Dreyer I, Uozumi NFebs Journal
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2010New pegylated polyaspartamide-based polyplexes as gene delivery vectors.Cavallaro G, Licciardi M, Scirè S, Di Stefano M, Giammona GNanomedicine
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2010Nonlocal Potentials and Complex Angular Momentum TheoryBros J, De Micheli E, Viano GAAnnales Henri Poincare
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2010Preface to special issue for the XIX meeting of the Italian Society of Pure and Applied BiophysicsGiacomazza DEuropean Biophysics Journal With Biophysics Letters
2010Probing the internal environment f PVP network generated by irradiation of different sourcesRicca ME, Foderà V, Giacomazza D, Leone M, Spadaro G, Dispenza CColloid And Polymer Science
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2010Role of the driving laser position on atomic force microscopy cantilevers excited by photothermal and radiation pressure effectsVassalli M, Pini V, Tiribilli BApplied Physics Letters
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