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2009A Network of coupled pyramidal neurons behaves as a coincidence detectorChillemi S, Barbi M, Di Garbo ALecture Notes In Computer Science
2009A phytochelatin-based bioassay in marine diatoms useful for the assessment of bioavailability of heavy metals released by polluted sediments.Morelli E, Marangi ML, Fantozzi lEnvironment International
2009ATP binding to the C-terminus of the Arabidopsis thaliana, AtCLCa, regulates nitrate transport into plant vacuoles.De Angeli A, Moran O, Wege S, Filleur S, Ephritikhine G, Thomine S, Barbier-Brygoo H, Gambale FJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Abeta oligomers and fibrillar aggregates induce different apoptotic pathways in LAN5 neuroblastoma cell cultures.Picone P, Carrotta R, Montana G, Nobile MR, San Biagio PL, Di Carlo MBiophysical Journal
2009Abscisic acid activates the murine microglial cell line N9 through the second messenger cyclic ADP-ribose.Bodrato N, Franco L, Fresia C, Guida L, Usai C, Salis A, Moreschi I, Ferraris C, Verderio C, Basile G, Bruzzone S, Scarfì S, De Flora A, Zocchi EJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Abscisic acid released by human monocytes activates monocytes and vascular smooth muscle cell responses involved in atherogenesis.Magnone M, Bruzzone S, Guida L, Damonte G, Millo E, Scarfì S, Usai C, Sturla L, Palombo D, De Flora A, Zocchi EJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Acrylamide quenching of Trp phosphorescence in liver alcohol dehydrogenase: evidence of gated quencher penetration.Strambini GB, Gonnelli MBiochemistry
2009Association of increased CCL5 and CXCL7 chemokine expression with neutrophil activation in severe stable COPD.Di Stefano A, Caramori G, Gnemmi I, Contoli M, Bristot L, Capelli A, Ricciardolo FL, Magno F, D'Anna SE, Zanini A, Carbone M, Sabatini F, Usai C, Brun P, Chung KF, Barnes PJ, Papi A, Adcock I, Balbi BThorax
2009Autogenous Regulation of Escherichia coli polynucleotide phosphorylase expression revisited.Carzaniga T, Briani F, Zangrossi S, Merlino G, Marchi P, Dehò GJournal Of Bacteriology
2009Biophysical effects of the natural product euplotin C on the Paramecium membraneRamoino P,Dini F, Bianchini P, Diaspro A, Guella A, Usai CJournal Of Computational Biology
2009Branching in amyloid fibril growth.Andersen CB, Yagi H, Manno M, Martorana V, Ban T, Christiansen G, Otzen DE, Goto Y, Rischel CBiophysical Journal
2009Bronchial airway epithelial cell damage following exposure to cigarette smoke includes disassembly of tight junction components mediated by the extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 pathway.Petecchia L, Sabatini F, Varesio L, Camoirano A, Usai C, Pezzolo A, Rossi GAChest
2009CLC-mediated anion transport in plant cells.De Angeli A, Monachello D, Ephiritikhine G, Franchisse J, Thomine S, Gambale F, Barbier-brygoo HPhilosophical Transactions Of The Royal Society Of London Series B-biological Sciences
2009Carbenoxolone inhibits volume-regulated anion conductance in cultured rat cortical astrogliaBenfenati V, Caprini M, Nicchia GP, Rossi A, Dovizio M, Cervetto C, Nobile M, Ferroni SChannels
2009Changes in the non-protein thiol pool and production of Dissolved Gaseous Mercury in the marine diatom Thalassiosira weissflogii under mercury exposure.Morelli E, Ferrara R, Bellini B, Dini F, Di Giuseppe G, Fantozzi LScience Of The Total Environment
2009Characterization of WRKY co-regulatory networks in rice and ArabidopsisBerri S, Abbruscato P, Faivre-Rampant O, Brasiliero ACM, Fumasoni I, Mizzi L, Satoh K, Kikuchi S, Morandini P, Pè ME, Piffanelli PBmc Plant Biology
2009Chlorella Viruses Prevent Multiple Infections by Depolarizing the Host Membrane.Greiner T, Frohns F, Kang M, Van Etten J, Käsmann A, Moroni A, Hertel B, Thiel GJournal Of General Virology
2009Chlorella virus ATCV1 encodes a functional potassium channel of eighty-two amino acids.Gazzarrini S, Kang M, Abenavoli A, Romani G, Olivari C, Gaslini D, Ferrara G, Van Etten JL, Kreim M, Kast SM, Thiel G, Moroni ABiochemical Journal
2009Conversion of the 2 Cl(-)/1 H(+) antiporter ClC-5 in a NO(3)(-)/H(+) antiporter by a single point mutation.Zifarelli G, Pusch MEmbo Journal
2009Dissolved gaseous mercury production in the dark: evidence for the fundamental role of bacteria in different types of Mediterranean water bodies.Fantozzi L, Ferrara R, Frontini FP, Dini FScience Of The Total Environment
2009Dynamics of a minimal neural model consisting of an astrocyte, a neuron, and an interneuronDi Garbo AJournal Of Biological Physics
2009Early detection of microbial contamination in processed tomatoes by electronic noseConcina I, Falasconi M, Gobbi E, Bianchi F, Musci M, Mattarozzi M, Pardo M, Mangia A, Careri M, Sberveglieri GFood Control
2009Fast and slow gating are inherent properties of the K+ channel pore module.Abenavoli A, Di Francesco ML, Schroeder I, Epimashko S; Gazzarrini S, Hansen UP, Thiel G, Moroni AJournal Of General Physiology
2009Feed-forward inhibition as a buffer of the neuronal input-output relationFerrante M, Migliore M, Ascoli GAProceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
2009Fluorescence. Combined with excised patch: measuring calcium currents in plant cation channels.Gradogna A, Scholz-Starke J, Gutla PV, Carpaneto APlant Journal
2009Glutamate release from astrocytic gliosomes under physiological and pathological conditions.Milanese M, Bonifacino T, Zappettini S, Usai C, Tacchetti C, Nobile M, Bonanno GInternational Review Of Neurobiology
2009Heteromeric AtKC1/AKT1 channels in Arabidopsis roots facilitate growth under K+ limiting conditions.Geiger D, Becker D, Vosloh D, Gambale F, Palme K, Rehers M, Anschuetz U, Dreyer I, Kudla J, Hedrich RJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009In vivo absorption spectra of the two stable states of the Euglena photoreceptor photocycle.Barsanti L, Evangelista V, Passarelli V, Vesentini N, Coltelli P, Frassanito AM, Gualtieri PPhotochemistry And Photobiology
2009Inhomogeneous width of oxygen-deficient centers induced by electron irradiation of silicaD'Amico M, Messina F, Cannas M, Leone M, Boscaino RPhysical Review B
2009Intracellular localisation of PPI1 (Proton Pump Interactor, isoform 1), a regulation protein of the plasma membrane H+-ATPase of Arabidospsis thaliana.Bonza MC, Fusca T, Homann U, Thiel G, De Michelis MIPlant Biology
2009Intracellular regulation of human ClC-5 by adenine nucleotides.Zifarelli G, Pusch MEmbo Reports
2009Intramolecular photo-switching and intermolecular energy transfer as primary photoevents in photoreceptive processes: the case of Euglena gracilis.Mercatelli R, Quercioli F, Barsanti L, Evangelista V, Coltelli P, Passarelli V, Frassanito AM, Gualtieri PBiochemical And Biophysical Research Communications
2009Inverse optical imaging viewed as a backward channel communication problemDe Micheli E, Viano GAJournal Of The Optical Society Of America A-optics Image Science And Vision
2009It's the proton also in ClC-2.Pusch M, Zifarelli GJournal Of Physiology-london
2009LANCL2 is necessary for abscisic acid binding and signaling in human granulocytes and in rat insulinoma cells.Sturla L, Fresia C, Guida L, Bruzzone S, Scarfi' S, Usai C, Fruscione F, Magnone M, Millo E, Basile G, Grozio A, Jacchetti E, Allegretti M, De Flora A, Zocchi EJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Microspectrophotometry as a method to identify kleptoplastids in the naked freshwater Dinoflagellate Gymnodinium AcidotumBarsanti L, Evangelista V, Passarelli V, Frassanito AM, Coltelli P, Gualtieri PJournal Of Phycology
2009Model development for the viral Kcv potassium channel.Tayefeh S, Kloss T, Kreim M, Gebhardt M, Baumeister D, Hertel B, Richter C, Schwalbe H, Moroni A, Thiel G, Kast SMBiophysical Journal
2009Molecular determinants of multiple effects of Nickel on NMDA receptor channelsGavazzo P, Guida P, Zanardi I, Marchetti CNeurotoxicity Resear
2009Molecular mechanism of pore formation by actinoporinsKristan K, Viero G, Dalla Serra M, Macek P, Anderluh GToxicon
2009Neutralization of a unique, negatively-charged residue in the voltage sensor of K V 7.2 subunits in a sporadic case of benign familial neonatal seizures.Miceli F, Soldovieri MV, Lugli L, Bellini G, Ambrosino P, Migliore M, del Giudice EM, Ferrari F, Pascotto A, Taglialatela MNeurobiology Of Disease
2009No effect of covalently linked poly(ethylene glycol) chains on protein internal dynamicsGonnelli M, Strambini GBBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta-proteins And Proteomics
2009P2X7-mediated Increased Intracellular Calcium Causes Functional Derangement in Schwann Cells from Rats with CMT1A Neuropathy.Nobbio L, Sturla L, Fiorese F, Usai C, Basile G, Moreschi I, Benvenuto F, Zocchi E, De Flora A, Schenone A, Bruzzone SJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Photoluminescence spectral dispersion as a probe of structural inhomogeneity in silicaD'Amico M, Messina F, Cannas A, Leone M, Boscaino RJournal Of Physics-condensed Matter
2009Photosensitized Effects of Rose Bengal on Structure and Function of Lens ProteinYoussef T, Kassem M, Abdella T, Harith MA, Lenci FPhotochemistry And Photobiology
2009Picosecond Transient Circular Dichroism of the Photoreceptor Protein of the Light-Adapted Form of Blepharisma japonicumHache F, Khuc M, Brazard J, Plaza P, Martin MM, Checcucci G, Lenci FChemical Physics Letters
2009Polysaccharide/polyaminoacid composite scaffolds for modified DNA releasePitarresi G, Calabrese R, Palumbo FS, Licciardi M, Giammona GInternational Journal Of Pharmaceutics
2009Protective activity of plicatin B against human LDL oxidation induced in metal ion-dependent and -independent processes. Experimental and theoretical studies.Turchi G, Alagona G, Lubrano VPhytomedicine
2009Protective effects of plicatin B on micronucleus induction in cultured human lymphocytes by different mutagensEventi A, Lubrano V, Scarpato R, Turchi GFood And Chemical Toxicology
2009Protein stability modulated by a conformational effector: effects of trifluoroethanol on bovine serum albumin.Carrotta R, Manno M, Giordano FM, Longo A, Portale G, Martorana V, Biagio PLPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics
2009Response to cytosolic nickel of Slow Vacuolar channels in the hyperaccumulator plant Alyssum bertolonii.Corem S, Carpaneto A, Soliani P, Cornara L, Gambale F, Scholz-Starke JEuropean Biophysics Journal With Biophysics Letters
2009Rethinking Metabolic ControlMorandini PPlant Science
2009Scorpion toxins that block transient currents (I(A)) of rat cerebellum granular cells.Prestipino G, Corzo G, Romeo S, Murgia AR, Zanardi I, Gurrola GB, Possani LDToxicology Letters
2009Sea anemone cytolysins as toxic component of immunotoxins.Tejuca M, Anderluh G, Dalla Serra MToxicon
2009Selection of inhibitor-resistant viral potassium channels identifies a common change that affects barium and amantadine blockChatelain FC, Gazzarrini S, Fujiwara Y, Arrigoni C, Domigan C, Ferrara G, Pantoja C, Thiel G, Moroni A, Minor DLPlos One
2009Self-organization pathways and spatial hetereogeneity in insulin amyloid fibrils formationFoderà V, Librizzi F, Cataldo S, Pignataro B, Spiccia P, Leone MJournal Of Physical Chemistry B
2009Serum albumin fragmentation in end-stage renal disease patients – a pilot study.Donadio E, Piccolomini F, Dimuccio V, Felicioli A, Balestreri E, Cianti R, Armini A, Bini L, Felicioli R, Donadio CClinical Chemistry And Laboratory Medicine
2009Single point mutations in the small cytoplasmic loop of ACA8, a plasma membrane Ca2+ ATPase of Arabidopsis thaliana, generate partially deregulated pumps.Fusca T, Bonza MC, Luoni L, Meneghelli S, Marrano CA, De Michelis MIJournal Of Biological Chemistry
2009Solution structure of the phytotoxic protein PcF: The first characterized member of the Phytophthora PcF toxin familyNicastro G, Orsomando G, Ferrari E, Manconi L, Desario F, Amici A, Naso A, Carpaneto A, Pertinhez TA, Spisni A, Ruggieri SProtein Science
2009Structure and dynamics of cold-adapted enzymes as investigated by phosphorescence spectroscopy and molecular dynamics studies. 2. The case of an esterase from Pseudoalteromonas haloplanktis.D'Auria S, Aurilia V, Marabotti A, Gonnelli M, Strambini GJournal Of Physical Chemistry B
2009Temporal information coding properties of a network of inhibitory interneuronsDi Garbo ACognitive Processing
2009The Plant Hormone Abscisic Acid Stimulates The Proliferation Of Human Hemopoietic Progenitors Through The Second Messenger Cyclic ADP-Ribose.Scarfì S, Fresia C, Ferraris C, Bruzzone S, Fruscione F, Usai C, Benvenuto F, Magnone M, Podestà M, Sturla L, Guida L, Albanesi E, Damonte G, Salis A, De Flora A, Zocchi EStem Cells
2009The endocannabinoid anandamide inhibits potassium conductance in rat cortical astrocytes.Vignali M, Benfenati V, Caprini M, Anderova M, Nobile M, Ferroni SGlia
2009The influence of cholesterol and cone-shaped lipids in Staphylococcus aureus gamma-hemolysins pore formation.Potrich C, Bastiani H, Colin DA, Huck S, Prevost G, Dalla Serra MJournal Of Membrane Biology
2009The membrane response of hippocampal CA3b pyramidal neurons near rest: Heterogeneity of passive properties and the contribution of hyperpolarization-activated currents.Hemond P, Migliore M, Ascoli GA, Jaffe DBNeuroscience
2009The role of the C-terminus for functional heteromerization of the plant channel KDC1.Naso A, Dreyer I, Pedemonte L, Testa I, Gomez-Porras JL, Usai C, Mueller-Rueber B, Diaspro A, Gambale F, Picco CBiophysical Journal
2009The sea urchin embryo: a model to study Alzheimer's beta amyloid induced toxicity.Pellicanò M, Picone P, Cavalieri V, Carrotta R, Spinelli G, Di Carlo MArchives Of Biochemistry And Biophysics
2009Thermal aggregation and ion-induced cold-gelation of Bovine Serum AlbuminNavarra G, Giacomazza D, Leone M, Librizzi F, Militello V, San Biagio PLEuropean Biophysics Journal With Biophysics Letters
2009Vibrational analysis as a powerful tool in structure elucidation of polyarsenicals: a DFT-based investigation of arsenicin A.Guella G, Mancini G, Mariotto I, Rossi G, Viliani GPhysical Chemistry Chemical Physics
2009h channel-dependent deficit of theta oscillation resonance and phase shift in temporal lobe epilepsyMarcelin B, Chauvière L, Becker A, Migliore M, Esclapez M, Bernard CNeurobiology Of Disease