AutoriFrascella F.; Ricciardi S.; Pasquardini L.; Potrich C.; Angelini A.; Chiado A.; Pederzolli C.; De Leo N.; Rivolo P.; Pirri C.F.; Descrovi E.
AbstractWe report a novel sensing method for fluorescence-labelled microRNAs (miRNAs) spotted on an all-dielectric photonic structure. Such a photonic structure provides an enhanced excitation and a directional beaming of the emitted fluorescence, resulting in a significant improvement of the overall signal collected. As a result, the Limit of Detection (LoD) is demonstrated to decrease by a factor of about 50. A compact read-out system allows a wide-field imaging-based detection, with little or no optical alignment issues, which makes this approach particularly interesting for further development for example in microarray-type bioassays.
RivistaAnalyst (lond., 1877, Online)
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Autori IBFCristina POTRICH
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