AutoriTebaldi, Toma; Dassi, Erik; Kostoska, Galena; Viero, Gabriella; Quattrone, Alessandro
AbstractHigh-throughput technologies have led to an explosion of genomic data available for automated analysis. The consequent possibility to simultaneously sample multiple layers of variation along the gene expression flow requires computational methods integrating raw information from different '-omics'. It has been recently demonstrated that translational control is a widespread phenomenon, with profound and still underestimated regulation capabilities. Although detecting changes in the levels of total messenger RNAs (mRNAs; the transcriptome), of polysomally loaded mRNAs (the translatome) and of proteins (the proteome) is experimentally feasible in a high-throughput way, the integration of these levels is still far from being robustly approached. Here we introduce tRanslatome, a new R/Bioconductor package, which is a complete platform for the simultaneous pairwise analysis of transcriptome, translatome and proteome data. The package includes most of the available statistical methods developed for the analysis of high-throughput data, allowing the parallel comparison of differentially expressed genes and the corresponding differentia(l)ly enriched biological themes. Notably, it also enables the prediction of translational regulatory elements on mRNA sequences. The utility of this tool is demonstrated with two case studies.
RivistaBioinformatics (oxf., Print)
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