AutoriPalumbo, F. S.; Di Stefano, M.; Piccionello, A. Palumbo; Fiorica, C.; Pitarresi, G.; Pibiri, I.; Buscemi, S.; Giammona, G.
AbstractA set of new hyaluronic acid (HA) derivatives was obtained by binding fluorinated oxadiazole (OXA) moieties to an amino derivative of the polysaccharide (HA-EDA). The obtained HA-EDA-OXA biomaterials are potentially able to improve oxygenation into a scaffold for tissue engineering purposes. The oxygen solubility in aqueous dispersions of the obtained derivatives showed that polymers were able to improve oxygen uptake and maintenance in the medium. The HA-EDA-OXA was employed to form a hydrogel in situ by reaction with a vinyl sulphone derivative of inulin, under physiological conditions. The influence of the presence of OXA moieties on the mechanical properties of the obtained hydrogels as well as on the metabolic activity of incorporated primary fibroblasts was investigated. The produced HA-EDA-OXA biomaterials were able to promote cell growth under hypoxic conditions.
RivistaRsc Advances
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Autori IBFGaetano GIAMMONA, Silvestre BUSCEMI
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