AutoriClelia Dispenza, Giorgia Adamo, Maria Antonietta Sabatino, Natascia Grimaldi, Donatella Bulone, Maria Luisa Bondi', Salvatrice Rigogliuso, Giulio Ghersi
AbstractPulsed electron-beam irradiation of a semi-dilute poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone) (PVP) aqueous solution in the presence ofacrylic acid has led to a carboxyl functionalized nanogel system. Nanoparticles hydrodynamic size and surface charge density, in waterand as a function of pH, were investigated by dynamic light scattering and laser doppler velocimetry, respectively. Nanogels (NGs)were proved not to be cytotoxic at the cellular level. Indeed, they rapidly bypass the cellular membrane to accumulate in specific cellportions of the cytoplasm, in the perinuclear area. The availability of pendant carboxyl groups on the crosslinked PVP NGs coreprompted us to attempt their decoration with a single strand oligonucleotide, which holds a terminal amino group. The recognitionability of the attached single helix of its complementary strand was investigated.
RivistaJournal Of Applied Polymer Science (online)
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Autori IBFDonatella BULONE, Clelia DISPENZA
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