AutoriGiacomazza, D.; Sabatino, M. A.; Catena, A.; Leone, M.; San Biagio, P. L.; Dispenza, C.
AbstractInjectable polymer scaffolds are particularly attractive for guided tissue growth and drug/cell delivery with minimally invasive intervention. In the present work, "all-polymeric" gelling systems based on pectins and water-soluble maltose-conjugated chitosans (CM) have been developed. Maltose-conjugated chitosan has been synthesized at three different molar ratios, as evaluated by FITR analysis and fluorimetric titration. A thorough rheological characterization of the blends and their parent solutions has been performed. Macroscopic gelation has been achieved by mixing the high esterification degree pectins with CM at higher maltose grafted to chitosan contents. Gels form in a few minutes and reach their full strength in less than two hours. These features encourage their further development as scaffold for tissue engineering. (C) 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
RivistaCarbohydrate Polymers
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Autori IBFPier Luigi SAN BIAGIO, Daniela GIACOMAZZA, Maurizio LEONE, Clelia DISPENZA
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