AutoriPicco, Cristiana; Scholz-Starke, Joachim; Naso, Alessia; Preger, Valeria; Sparla, Francesca; Trost, Paolo; Carpaneto, Armando
AbstractDirect recordings of electron currents mediated by cytochromes b561 (CYB561) are not available yet, despite the importance of these proteins in a variety of physiological functions, including neurotransmitter synthesis and dietary iron uptake. Here, we used the two-electrode voltage-clamp technique applied to Xenopus oocytes to demonstrate, for the first time, the generation of electron currents by a Drosophila member of the CYB561 superfamily named stromal cell-derived receptor 2 (SDR2). This experimental method, along with the theoretical development of a three-state kinetic model, supports the hypothesis that electron donor/acceptor concentrations and transmembrane voltage mutually control SDR2-mediated electron transport activity in a complex but predictable manner.
RivistaAntioxidants & Redox Signalling
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Autori IBFArmando CARPANETO, Cristiana PICCO, Joachim Johannes SCHOLZ STARKE
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