AutoriN. Grimaldi, M.A. Sabatino, G. Przybytniak, I. Kaluska, M.L. Bondì, D. Bulone, S. Alessi, G. Spadaro, C. Dispenza
AbstractPoly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)-grafted-acrylic acid biocompatible nanogels(NGs) were prepared usingexiting industrial-type electron accelerator and setups, starting from semi-dilute aqueous solutionsof a commercial PVP and the acrylic acid monomer. As a result, NGs with tunable size andstructure can be obtained quantitatively. Sterility was also impartedat the integrated doseabsorbed.The chemical structure of the NGs produced was confirmed throughFourier Transformer InfraredSpectroscopy (FT-IR). The molecular and physico-chemical properties of NGs, such as thehydrodynamic dimensionsand surface charge densities, at the variance of polymer and monomerconcentrations in the irradiated solutions,are here discussed
RivistaRadiation Physics And Chemistry (1993)
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Autori IBFDonatella BULONE, Clelia DISPENZA
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