AutoriChiarpotto M. ; Ciasca, G. ; Vassalli, M. ; Rossi, C. ; Campi, G. ; Ricci, A. ; Bocca, B. ; Pino, A. ; Alimonti, A. ; De Sole, P. ; Papi, M.
AbstractMany experimental evidences point out the correlation between the presence of aluminum-ferritin complex and neursopathological disorders. In these complexes, two different ranges of Aluminium (Al) atoms are usually found, i.e., just few atoms or several hundreds. Here, we investigated the in-vitro Al-apoferritin binding, with the aim to elucidate the mechanism behind the formation of Al-ferritin complexes in-vivo. To this purpose, we studied the mineralization of Al in its ionic and complexed form with citrate demonstrating that high Al levels found in clinical studies can be obtained only conveying Al by small physiological ligands.
RivistaApplied Physics Letters
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Autori IBFMassimo VASSALLI
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