AutoriBernagozzi I; Torrengo S; Minati L; Ferrari M; Chiappini A; Armellini C; Toniutti L; Lunelli L; Speranza G
AbstractRecently, superhydrophobic surfaces are gaining much interest because they may be employed in a series of applications, spanning from the realization of self-cleaning surfaces to microfluidics to special water-impermeable tissues allowing perspiration. It is well-known that superhydrophobicity strictly depends on the combination of superficial micro- and nano-structures. Then, key factors in the process of surface synthesis are the parameters which will define the surface conformation. In this work, we deal with the fabrication of polymer-based superhydrophobic surfaces. We developed a new method to have a good control of the structure of the synthesised surface. A high stability of the superhydrophobic character during time was obtained. Moreover, the synthesis process is green and easily transferable to industry for large production.
RivistaColloid And Polymer Science
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Autori IBFLorenzo LUNELLI
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