AutoriCosta A; Gutla PVK; Boccaccio A; Scholz-Starke J; Festa M; Basso B; Zanardi I; Pusch M; Lo Schiavo F; Gambale F; Carpaneto A
AbstractFunctional characterization of intracellular transporters is hampered by the inaccessibility of animal endomembranes to standard electrophysiological techniques. Here, we used Arabidopsis mesophyll protoplasts as a novel heterologous expression system for the lysosomal chloride-proton exchanger CLC-7 from rat. Following transient expression of a rCLC-7:EGFP construct in isolated protoplasts, the fusion protein efficiently targeted to the membrane of the large central vacuole, the lytic compartment of plant cells. Membrane currents recorded from EGFP-positive vacuoles were almost voltage independent and showed time-dependent activation at elevated positive membrane potentials as a hallmark. The shift in the reversal potential of the current induced by a decrease of cytosolic pH was compatible with a 2Cl-/1H+ exchange stoichiometry. Mutating the so-called gating glutamate into alanine (E245A) uncoupled chloride fluxes from the movement of protons, transforming the transporter into a chloride channel-like protein. Importantly, CLC-7 transport activity in the vacuolar expression system was recorded in the absence of the auxiliary subunit Ostm1, differently to recent data obtained in Xenopus oocytes using a CLC-7 mutant with partial plasma membrane expression. We also show that plasma membrane-targeted CLC-7E245A is non-functional in Xenopus oocytes when expressed without Ostm1. In summary, our data suggest the existence of an alternative CLC-7 operating mode, which is active when the protein is not in complex with Ostm1. The vacuolar expression system has the potential to become a valuable tool for functional studies on intracellular ion channels and transporters from animal cells.
RivistaJournal Of Physiology
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Autori IBFFranco GAMBALE, Armando CARPANETO, Michael PUSCH, Barbara BASSO POZZI, Paul Vijay Kanth GUTLA, Ilaria ZANARDI, Joachim Johannes SCHOLZ STARKE, Margherita FESTA
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