AutoriMigliore R, Scala M, Napoli A, Yuasa K, Nakazato H, Messina A
AbstractThe dynamics of an open quantum system, consisting of three superconducting qubits interacting with independent reservoirs, is investigated to elucidate the effects of the environment on a unitary generation scheme of W states (Migliore R et al 2006 Phys. Rev. B 74 104503). To this end a microscopic master equation is constructed and its exact resolution predicts the generation of a Werner-like state instead of the W state. A comparison between our model and a more intuitive phenomenological model is also considered, in order to find the limits of the latter approach in the case of structured reservoirs
RivistaJournal Of Physics B-atomic Molecular And Optical Physics
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Autori IBFRosanna MIGLIORE
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