AutoriPitarresi G, Calabrese R, Palumbo FS, Licciardi M, Giammona G
AbstractIn this work composite polymeric films or sponges, based on hyaluronic acid (HA) covalently crosslinked with alpha,beta-poly(N-2-hydroxyethyl)(2-aminoethylcarbamate)-D,L-aspartamide (PE), have been prepared and characterized as local gene delivery systems. In particular, HA/PE scaffolds have been loaded with PE/DNA interpolyelectrolyte complexes, employing PE as a macromolecular crosslinker for HA and as a non-viral vector for DNA. In vitro studies showed that HA/PE films and sponges have high compatibility with human dermal fibroblasts and they give a sustained DNA release, whose trend can be easily tailored by varying the crosslinking ratio between HA and PE. Electrophoresis analysis and transfection studies on B16-F10 cells revealed that DNA is released as a complex with PE and it retains its bioactivity.
RivistaInternational Journal Of Pharmaceutics
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