AutoriHache F, Khuc M, Brazard J, Plaza P, Martin MM, Checcucci G, Lenci F
AbstractWe present a picosecond transient circular dichroism study of OBIP, the putative photoreceptor protein involved in the photophobic response of Blepharisma japonicum. The probe wavelength was chosen at 230 nm. The results are compared to those of the isolated chromophore, OxyBP, in solution. The CD changes in OBIP and OxyBP do not show the same dynamics: OBIP's signal relaxes in a few ps whereas no such decay is obtained for OxyBP. This observation brings support to the formerly evoked existence of a fast photoinduced reaction in the chromoprotein, and demonstrates the implication of local geometrical changes that accompany this process.
RivistaChemical Physics Letters
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Autori IBFFrancesco LENCI, Giovanni CHECCUCCI
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