AutoriAlessandrini A; Gavazzo P; Picco C; Facci P
AbstractWe report on a novel use of electrochemical scanning force microscopy (SFM) for the investigation of morphological modifications occurring in plasma membranes containing voltage-gated ion channels, on membrane potential variation. Membrane patches of Xenopus laevis oocytes microinjected with exogenous KAT1 cRNA, deposited by a stripping method at the surface of a derivatized gold film in inside-out configuration, have been imaged by SFM in an electrochemical cell. A potentiostat was used to maintain a desired potential drop across the membrane. Performing imaging at potential values corresponding to open (- 120 mV) and closed (+ 20 mV) states for KAT1, morphological differences in localized sample zones were observed. Particularly, cross-shaped features involving a significant membrane portion appear around putative channel locations. The reported approach constitutes the first demonstration of an SPM-based experimental technique suitable to investigate the rearrangements occurring to the plasma membrane containing voltage-gated channels on transmembrane potential variation.
RivistaMicroscopy Research And Technique (print)
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Autori IBFPaola GAVAZZO, Cristiana PICCO
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