AutoriBenvenuto,A., Guarnieri V., Lorenzelli L., Collini C., Decarli M., Adami A., Potrich C., Lunelli L., Canteri R., and Pederzolli C.
AbstractThis work presents the design, fabrication and characterization of a Si-based microseparation module for liquid chromatography (LC), targeted for agrofood applications and in particular for wine quality monitoring. The microsystem chip is a Silicon/Pyrex structure realized by anodic bonding. The basic Si-chip modules are an open tubular microcolumn with inlet/outlet for fluidic connections, a platinum heater and a Pt three-electrode amperometric sensor. Analytical calculations and finite element analysis have been performed to optimize the microcolumn design. Microchannels and inlet/outlet have been fabricated by deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) and tetra methyl ammonium hydroxide (TMAH) wet etching, respectively. The column has been functionalized with n-octyltriethoxysilane (C8-TEOS). Preliminary characterization tests of the microcolumn have been performed by evaluating the capability of the system to retain test solutions of acetic acid.
RivistaSensors And Actuators. B, Chemical (print)
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