AutoriDemontis M.A., Cacciola S.O., Orrù M., Balmas V., Chessa V., Maserti B.E., Mascia L., Raudino F., Magnano di San Lio G., Migheli Q.
AbstractMal secco disease of citrus caused by Phoma tracheiphila is a devastating disease in the Mediterranean basin. Susceptible citrus species include lemon, citron, lime and others. Trees attacked by the fungus show characteristic symptoms; the smallest twigs die first, followed by the larger branches. Eventually, the whole tree is killed. The symptoms are clear in the orchards but by the time they are visible the disease is already well established. The need for a sensitive, reliable and rapid diagnostic method for the early identification of the fungus in trees and fruit exists. We have developed a PCR-based method for the identification of P. tracheiphila from plant tissues including fruit. Any such method must take into account the genetic variability in the pathogen population. Molecular methods were used to compare different isolates of P. tracheiphila. This study found no significant differences between different isolates from different citrus species from different parts of Israel.
RivistaEuropean Journal Of Plant Pathology
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