AutoriD'Amico M. and Leone M.
AbstractWe have measured the excitation and emission energy dependence of the lifetimes of the 2.7 eV photoluminescence band associated to oxygen deficient centers in silica glasses. The non-exponential behavior of this time decay is consistent with intrinsic conformational heterogeneity of these point defects in the amorphous matrix. Accordingly, we have analyzed the data in terms of a radiative rates distribution. Moreover, both surface and bulk typologies of these point defects have been studied. The mean value of the lifetime distribution of the surface defects increases from 12 to 15 ms varying the excitation energy from 4.6 to 5.2 eV, and it increases from 14 to 15 ms in the emission energy interval between 2.6 and 3.0 eV. As well similar variations of the lifetime are observed for interior defects, when measured at different excitation and emission energies. We can also estimate the width of the lifetime distribution of this ensemble of point defects in silica glass.
RivistaJournal Of Non-crystalline Solids
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