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2017Identification of Intrahelical Bifurcated H-Bonds as a New Type of Gate in K+ ChannelsRauh O, Urban M, Henkes LM, Winterstein T, Greiner T, Van Etten JL, Moroni A, Kast SM, Thiel G, Schroeder IJournal Of The American Chemical Society (print
2017Kinetics and heterogeneity of energy transfer from light harvesting complex II to photosystem I in the supercomplex isolated from ArabidopsisSantabarbara S, Tibiletti T, Remelli W, Caffarri SPccp. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (print
2017Slow but Steady Wins the Race: Dissimilarities among New Dual Inhibitors of the Wild-Type and the V27A Mutant M2 Channels of Influenza A VirusBarniol-Xicota M, Gazzarrini S, Torres E, Hu Y, Wang J, Naesens L, Moroni A, Vázquez SJournal Of Medicinal Chemistr
2017Spectral dependence of irreversible light-induced fluorescence quenching: Chlorophyll forms with maximal emission at 700-702 and 705-710 nm as spectroscopic markers of conformational changes in the core complexNematov S, Casazza AP, Remelli W, Khuvondikov V, Santabarbara SBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetic
2017Structural bases of the altered catalytic properties of a pathogenic variant of apoptosis inducing factorSorrentino L, Cossu F, Milani M, Aliverti A, Mastrangelo EBiochemical And Biophysical Research Communications (print
2017Trapping Dynamics in Photosystem I-Light Harvesting Complex I of Higher Plants Is Governed by the Competition Between Excited State Diffusion from Low Energy States and Photochemical Charge Separation.Molotokaite E, Remelli W, Casazza AP, Zucchelli G, Polli D, Cerullo G, Santabarbara SThe Journal Of Physical Chemistry.
2017Antagonistic Transcription Factor Complexes Modulate the Floral Transition in RiceBrambilla V, Martignago D, Goretti D, Cerise M, Somssich M, de Rosa M, Galbiati F, Shrestha R, Lazzaro F, Simon R, Fornara FThe Plant Cel
2017Conversion of an instantaneous activating K+ channel into a slow activating inward rectifierBaumeister D, Hertel B, Schroeder I, Gazzarrini S, Kast SM, Van Etten JL, Moroni A, Thiel GFebs Letters (print
2017Electron current recordings in living cellsTrost P, Picco C, Scholz-Starke J, Festa M, Lagostena L, Costa A, Sparla F, Carpaneto ABiophysical Chemistry (print
2017The small neurotoxin apamin blocks not only small conductance Ca2+ activated K+ channels (SK type) but also the voltage dependent Kv1.3 channelVoos P, Yazar M, Lautenschläger R, Rauh O, Moroni A, Thiel GEuropean Biophysics Journa
2017Fusicoccin Activates KAT1 Channels by Stabilizing Their Interaction with 14-3-3 ProteinsSaponaro A, Porro A, Chaves-Sanjuan A, Nardini M, Rauh O, Thiel G, Moroni AThe Plant Cel
2017High photochemical trapping efficiency in Photosystem I from the red Glade algae Chromera velia and Phaeodactylum tricornuturnBelgio E, Santabarbara S, Bína D, Trsková E, Herbstová M, Ka?a R, Zucchelli G, Prá?il OBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetic
2017Host dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR)-directed cycloguanil analogues endowed with activity against influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virusTonelli M, Naesens L, Gazzarrini S, Santucci M, Cichero E, Tasso B, Moroni A, Costi MP, Loddo REuropean Journal Of Medicinal Chemistr
2016Targeting flavivirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase through a pyridobenzothiazole inhibitorTarantino D, Cannalire R, Mastrangelo E, Croci R, Querat G, Barreca ML, Bolognesi M, Manfroni G, Cecchetti V, Milani MAntiviral Research (print)
2016Comparative kinetic and energetic modelling of phyllosemiquinone oxidation in Photosystem iSantabarbara S, Zucchelli GPccp. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics (print)
2016Crystal structure of YeaZ from Pseudomonas aeruginosaVecchietti D, Ferrara S, Rusmini R, Macchi R, Milani M, Bertoni GBiochemical And Biophysical Research Communications (print)
2016Embelin binds to human neuroserpin and impairs its polymerisationSaga, Giorgia; Sessa, Fabio; Barbiroli, Alberto; Santambrogio, Carlo; Russo, Rosaria; Sala, Michela; Raccosta, Samuele; Martorana, Vincenzo; Caccia, Sonia; Noto, Rosina; Moriconi, Claudia; Miranda, Elena; Grandori, Rita; Manno, Mauro; Bolognesi, Martino;Scientific Reports (nature Publishing Group)
2016Immunisation with proteins expressed during chronic murine melioidosis provides enhanced protection against diseaseChampion OL, Gourlay LJ, Scott AE, Lassaux P, Conejero, L, Perletti L, Hemsley C, Prior J, Bancroft G, Bolognesi M, Titball RWVaccine
2016Liposomal Systems as Nanocarriers for the Antiviral Agent IvermectinCroci R, Bottaro E, Chan KW, Watanabe S, Pezzullo M, Mastrangelo E, Nastruzzi CInternational Journal Of Biomaterials (print)
2016Molecular basis of a novel renal amyloidosis due to N184K gelsolin variantBonì F, Milani M, Porcari R, Barbiroli A, Ricagno S, de Rosa MScientific Reports (nature Publishing Group)
2016Mutation in S6 domain of HCN4 channel in patient with suspected Brugada syndrome modifies channel functionBiel S.; Aquila M.; Hertel B.; Berthold A.; Neumann T.; DiFrancesco D.; Moroni A.; Thiel G.; Kauferstein S.Pflügers Archiv
2016OsHKT1;4-Mediated Na+-Selective Transport Contributes to Na+ Exclusion from Leaf Blades of Rice at the Reproductive Growth Stage upon Salt StressSuzuki K, Yamaji N, Costa A, Okuma E, Kobayashi NI, Kashiwagi T, Katsuhara M, Wang C, Tanoi K, Murata Y, Schroeder JI, Ma JF, Horie TBmc Plant Biology (online)
2016OsHKT2;2/1-mediated Na+ influx over K+ uptake in roots potentially increases toxic Na+ accumulation in a salt-tolerant landrace of rice Nona Bokra upon salinity stressSuzuki K.; Costa A.; Nakayama H.; Katsuhara M.; Shinmyo A.; Horie T.Journal Of Plant Research
2016Calcium flux across plant mitochondrial membranes: Possible molecular playersCarraretto L.; Checchetto V.; De Bortoli S.; Formentln E.; Costa A.; Szabo I.; Teardo E.Frontiers In Plant Science
2016Challenges facing European agriculture and possible biotechnological solutionsRicroch A.; Harwood W.; Svobodova Z.; Sagi L.; Hundleby P.; Badea E.M.; Rosca I.; Cruz G.; Salema Fevereiro M.P.; Marfa Riera V.; Jansson S.; Morandini P.; Bojinov B.; Cetiner S.; Custers R.; Schrader U.; Jacobsen H.-J.; Martin-Laffon J.; Boisron A.; KuntCritical Reviews In Biotechnology (online)
2016Chloroplast-specific in vivo Ca2+ imaging using yellow Cameleon fluorescent protein sensors reveals organelle-autonomous Ca2+ signatures in the stromaLoro G.; Wagner S.; Doccula F.G.; Behera S.; Weinl S.; Kudla J.; Schwarzlander M.; Costa A.; Zottini M.Plant Physiology (online)
2016Biochemical and spectroscopic characterization of highly stable photosystem II supercomplexes from arabidopsisCrepin A, Santabarbara S, Caffarri SThe Journal Of Biological Chemistry (print)
2016State transitions redistribute rather than dissipate energy between the two photosystems in ChlamydomonasNawrocki WJ, Santabarbara S, Mosebach L, Wollman FA, Rappaport FNature Plants
2016Seed abscission and fruit dehiscence required for seed dispersal rely on similar genetic networksBalanzà V, Roig-Villanova I, Di Marzo M, Masiero S, Colombo LDevelopment (camb.)
2016Rational design of mutations that change the aggregation rate of a protein while maintaining its native structure and stabilityCamilloni C, Sala BM, Sormanni P, Porcari R, Corazza A, De Rosa M, Zanini S, Barbiroli A, Esposito G, Bolognesi M, Bellotti V, Vendruscolo M, Ricagno SScientific Reports (nature Publishing Group)
2016The developmental regulator SEEDSTICK controls structural and mechanical properties of the arabidopsis seed coatEzquer I, Mizzotti C, Nguema-Ona E, Gotté M, Beauzamy L, Ebeling Viana, Dubrulle N, Costa de Oliveira A, Caporali E, Koroney A-S, Boudaoud A, Driouich A, Colombo LThe Plant Cell (online)
2016The N-terminal pre-A region of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 2/2HbN promotes NO-dioxygenase activityPesce A, Bustamante JP, Bidon-Chanal A, Boechi L, Estrin DA, Luque FJ, Sebilo A, Guertin M, Bolognesi M, Ascenzi P, Nardini MThe Febs Journal (print)
2016Two wavelength-dependent mechanisms of sensitisation of light-induced quenching in the isolated light-harvesting complex IISantabarbara S, Zubik M, Remelli W, Zucchelli G, Gruszecki WIFebs Letters (print)
2015Controlling electron transfer between the two cofactor chains of photosystem i by the redox state of one of their componentsSantabarbara S.; Bullock B.; Rappaport F.; Redding K.E.Biophysical Journal (online)
2015Colorful Insights: Advances in Imaging Drive Novel Breakthroughs in Ca2+ SignalingCosta, Alex; Kudla, JoergMolecular Plant (print)
2015Challenges facing European agriculture and possible biotechnological solutionsRicroch A.; Harwood W.; Svobodova Z.; Sagi L.; Hundleby P.; Badea E.M.; Rosca I.; Cruz G.; Salema Fevereiro M.P.; Marfa Riera V.; Jansson S.; Morandini P.; Bojinov B.; Cetiner S.; Custers R.; Schrader U.; Jacobsen H.-J.; Martin-Laffon J.; Boisron A.; KuntCritical Reviews In Biotechnology (online)
2015Carotenoid triplet states in photosystem II: Coupling with low-energy states of the core complexStefano Santabarbara, Alessandro Agostini, Anna Paola Casazza, Giuseppe Zucchelli, Donatella CarboneraBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics
2015Energetic coupling between plastids and mitochondria drives CO2 assimilation in diatomsBailleul, Benjamin; Berne, Nicolas; Murik, Omer; Petroutsos, Dimitris; Prihoda, Judit; Tanaka, Atsuko; Villanova, Valeria; Bligny, Richard; Flori, Serena; Falconet, Denis; Krieger-Liszkay, Anja; Santabarbara, Stefano; Rappaport, Fabrice; Joliot, Pierre; TNature (lond.)
2015Engineering a Ca++-Sensitive (Bio) Sensor from the Pore-Module of a Potassium ChannelDiFrancesco, Mattia Lorenzo; Gazzarrini, Sabrina; Arrigoni, Cristina; Romani, Giulia; Thiel, Gerhard; Moroni, AnnaSensors (basel)
2015Identification of the arabidopsis RAM/MOR signalling network: Adding new regulatory players in plant stem cell maintenance and cell polarizationZermiani M.; Begheldo M.; Nonis A.; Palme K.; Mizzi L.; Morandini P.; Nonis A.; Ruperti B.Annals Of Botany (print)
2015Large dsDNA chloroviruses encode diverse membrane transport proteinsThiel G.; Greiner T.; Dunigan D.D.; Moroni A.; Van Etten J.L.Virology (n.y.n.y., Print)
2015Low-dose photon irradiation alters cell differentiation via activation of hIK channelsRoth B.; Gibhardt C.S.; Becker P.; Gebhardt M.; Knoop J.; Fournier C.; Moroni A.; Thiel G.Pflügers Archiv
2015New polycyclic dual inhibitors of the wild type and the V27A mutant M2 channel of the influenza A virus with unexpected binding modeRey-Carrizo M.; Gazzarrini S.; Llabres S.; Frigole-Vivas M.; Juarez-Jimenez J.; Font-Bardia M.; Naesens L.; Moroni A.; Luque F.J.; Vazquez S.European Journal Of Medicinal Chemistry
2015NF023 binding to XIAP-BIR1: Searching drugs for regulation of the NF-kappa B pathwayCossu, Federica; Milani, Mario; Grassi, Serena; Malvezzi, Francesca; Corti, Alessandro; Bolognesi, Martino; Mastrangelo, EloiseProteins (print)
2015Ritter reaction-mediated syntheses of 2-oxaadamantan-5-amine, a novel amantadine analogLeiva R.; Gazzarrini S.; Esplugas R.; Moroni A.; Naesens L.; Sureda F.X.; Vazquez S.Tetrahedron Letters
2015The activator of apoptosis Smac-DIABLO acts as a tetramer in solutionMastrangelo E.; Vachette P.; Cossu F.; Malvezzi F.; Bolognesi M.; Milani M.Biophysical Journal (print)
2015The impact of the absence of aliphatic glucosinolates on water transport under salt stress in Arabidopsis thalianaMartinez-Ballesta M.; Moreno-Fernandez D.A.; Castejon D.; Ochando C.; Morandini P.A.; Carvajal M.Frontiers In Plant Science
2015The sorting of a small potassium channel in mammalian cells can be shifted between mitochondria and plasma membranevon Charpuis C.; Meckel T.; Moroni A.; Thiel G.Cell Calcium (edinburgh)
2015X-ray irradiation activates K+ channels via H2O2 signalingGibhardt, Christine S.; Roth, Bastian; Schroeder, Indra; Fuck, Sebastian; Becker, Patrick; Jakob, Burkhard; Fournier, Claudia; Moroni, Anna; Thiel, GerhardScientific Reports (nature Publishing Group)
2014Effect of Cytosolic pH on Inward Currents Reveals Structural Characteristics of the Proton Transport Cycle in the Influenza A Protein M2 in Cell-Free Membrane Patches of Xenopus oocytesDiFrancesco, Mattia L.; Hansen, Ulf-Peter; Thiel, Gerhard; Moroni, Anna; Schroeder, IndraPlos One
2014Ergodicity, configurational entropy and free energy in pigment solutions and plant photosystems: Influence of excited state lifetimeJennings, Robert C.; Zucchelli, GiuseppeBiophysical Chemistry (print)
2014FISSION1A, an Arabidopsis tail-anchored protein, is localized to three subcellular compartmentsCristina Ruberti1, Alex Costa2, Emanuela Pedrazzini3, Fiorella Lo Schiavo1 and Michela Zottini1Molecular Plant (online)
2014Modulation of the fluorescence yield in heliobacterial cells by induction of charge recombination in the photosynthetic reaction centerRedding K.E.; Sarrou I.; Rappaport F.; Santabarbara S.; Lin S.; Reifschneider K.T.Photosynthesis Research (print)
2014Naphthalene-sulfonate inhibitors of human norovirus RNA-dependent RNA-polymeraseTarantino, Delia; Pezzullo, Margherita; Mastrangelo, Eloise; Croci, Romina; Rohayem, Jacques; Robel, Ivonne; Bolognesi, Martino; Milani, MarioAntiviral Research (print)
2014PPNDS inhibits murine Norovirus RNA-dependent RNA-polymerase mimicking two RNA stacking basesCroci, Romina; Tarantino, Delia; Milani, Mario; Pezzullo, Margherita; Rohayem, Jacques; Bolognesi, Martino; Mastrangelo, EloiseFebs Letters (print)
2014Pseudo painting/air bubble technique for planar lipid bilayersBraun, Christian J.; Baer, Tom; Moroni, Anna; Thiel, GerhardJournal Of Neuroscience Methods
2014STructural bases of norovirus RNA dependent RNA polymerase inhibition by novel suramin-related compoundsCroci, Romina; Pezzullo, Margherita; Tarantino, Delia; Milani, Mario; Tsay, Shwuchen; Sureshbabu, Radhakrishnan; Tsai, Yijin; Mastrangelo, Eloise; Rohayem, Jacques; Bolognesi, Martino C.; Hwu, JihruPlos One
2014Structural basis for the mutual antagonism of cAMP and TRIP8b in regulating HCN channel functionSaponaro, Andrea; Pauleta, Sofia R.; Cantini, Francesca; Matzapetakis, Manolis; Hammann, Christian; Donadoni, Chiara; Hu, Lei; Thiel, Gerhard; Banci, Lucia; Santoro, Bina; Moroni, AnnaProceedings Of The National Academy Of Sciences Of The United States Of America
2014Viral potassium channels as a robust model system for studies of membrane-protein interactionBraun, Christian J.; Lachnit, Christine; Becker, Patrick; Henkes, Leonhard M.; Arrigoni, Cristina; Kast, Stefan M.; Moroni, Anna; Thiel, Gerhard; Schroeder, IndraBiochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Biomembranes
2014Wavelength dependence of the fluorescence emission under conditions of open and closed Photosystem II reaction centres in the green alga Chlorella sorokinianaRizzo F.; Zucchelli G.; Jennings R.; Santabarbara S.Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta. Bioenergetics
2014Alteration of the H-bond to the A(1A) phylloquinone in Photosystem I: influence on the kinetics and energetics of electron transferSrinivasan N, Santabarbara S, Rappaport F, Carbonera D, Redding K, van der Est A, Golbeck JH.The Journal Of Physical Chemistry. B
2014The Carnot Efficiency and Plant PhotosystemsJennings, R. C.; Santabarbara, S.; Belgio, E.; Zucchelli, G.Biofizika
2014Functional imaging in living plants-cell biology meets physiologyLittlejohn, George R.; Meckel, Tobias; Schwarzlaender, Markus; Costa, AlexFrontiers In Plant Science
2014A comparison between plant Photosystem I and Photosystem II architecture and functioningCaffarri S.; Tibiletti T.; Jennings R.C.; Santabarbara S.Current Protein And Peptide Science (print)
2014ACA12 is a deregulated isoform of plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase of Arabidopsis thalianaLimonta, Margherita; Romanowsky, Shawn; Olivari, Claudio; Bonza, Maria Cristina; Luoni, Laura; Rosenberg, Alexa; Harper, Jeffrey F.; De Michelis, Maria IdaPlant Molecular Biology
2014Analysis of the arabidopsis REM gene family predicts functions during flower developmentMantegazza, Otho; Gregis, Veronica; Mendes, Marta Adelina; Morandini, Piero; Alves-Ferreira, Marcio; Patreze, Camila M.; Nardeli, Sarah M.; Kater, Martin M.; Colombo, LuciaAnnals Of Botany (print)
2014Antenna entropy in plant photosystems does not reduce the free energy for primary charge separationJennings, Robert C.; Zucchelli, GiuseppeBiophysical Chemistry (print)
2014Azapropellanes with Anti-Influenza A Virus ActivityTorres, Eva; Leiva, Rosana; Gazzarrini, Sabrina; Rey-Carrizo, Matias; Frigole-Vivas, Marta; Moroni, Anna; Naesens, Lieve; Vazquez, SantiagoAcs Medicinal Chemistry Letters
2014Cyclic dinucleotides bind the C-linker of HCN4 to control channel cAMP responsivenessLolicato, Marco; Bucchi, Annalisa; Arrigoni, Cristina; Zucca, Stefano; Nardini, Marco; Schroeder, Indra; Simmons, Katie; Aquila, Marco; DiFrancesco, Dario; Bolognesi, Martino; Schwede, Frank; Kashin, Dmitry; Fishwick, Colin W. G.; Johnson, A. Peter; ThielNature Chemical Biology
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2013A structure-based strategy for epitope discovery in Burkholderia pseudomallei OppA antigenLassaux P., Peri C., Ferrer-Navarro M., Gourlay L.J., Gori A., Conchillo-Solè O., Rinchai D., Lertmemongkolchai G., Longhi R., Daura X., Colombo G., Bolognesi M.Structure
2013A virus-encoded potassium ion channel is a structural protein in the chlorovirus Paramecium bursaria chlorella virus 1 virionRomani G, Piotrowski A, Hillmer S, Gurnon J, Van Etten JL, Moroni A, Thiel G, Hertel BJournal Of General Virology
2013An integrative model of the control of ovule primordia formationGalbiati F, Sinha Roy D, Simonini S, Cucinotta M, Ceccato L, Cuesta C, Simaskova M, Benkova E, Kamiuchi Y, Aida M, Weijers D, Simon R, Masiero S, Colombo LPlant Journal
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2013CO Rebinding Kinetics and Molecular Dynamics Simulations Highlight Dynamic Regulation of Internal Cavities in Human CytoglobinGabba M. [ 1 ] ; Abbruzzetti S. [ 2 ] ; Spyrakis F. [ 3,4 ] ; Forti F. [ 5,6 ] ; Bruno S. [ 7 ] ; Mozzarelli A. [ 7 ] ; Luque F. J. [ 5,6 ] ; Viappiani C. [ 2,8 ] ; Cozzini P. [ 3,4 ] ; Nardini M. [ 9,10 ] ; Germani F. [ 11 ] ; Bolognesi M. [ 9,10 ] ; MoePlos One
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2013Identification of pathways directly regulated by SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE during vegetative and reproductive development in ArabidopsisGregis V, Andrés F, Sessa A, Guerra RF, Simonini S, Mateos JL, Torti S, Zambelli F, Prazzoli GM, Bjerkan KN, Grini PE, Pavesi G, Colombo L, Coupland G, Kater
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