At the Biophysics Institute in Genoa, emphasis is placed on biophysical characterization of membrane transporters through interdisciplinary approaches: research methods typical of electrophysiology, biochemistry, microscopy and molecular biology are combined with other innovative  approaches that seek to determine the structure-function relations of membrane proteins and cell interactions at the micro and nano levels. Some of our research projects focus on the role of proteins in genetic disorders  such as cystic fibrosis and epilepsy.

Other research interests that are currently being pursued in various subject areas include the use of atomic force microscopy to characterize various biological systems, the study of stress-related responses in cells/organisms,  bioassays, stem cell studies, modelling and simulation of bi-dimensional structures in cardiac cells with the aim of exploring the mechanisms of arrhythmia.

The following is an outline of research topics that are currently being investigated in Genoa:

  • Molecular mechanisms in cell membranes
  • Mechanisms and processes underlying  cell communication
  • Genetic disorders
  • Neurosciences and drug development for neuropathologies
  • Molecules and compounds of  pharmacological significance
  • Development, analysis and characterization of compounds, products and biosensors
  • Materials and devices for biology and medicine
  • Analysis of signals and images in pharmacological and biomedical studies
  • Exploration of molecules in agricultural and environmental research  
  • Models of structure and dynamics of complex systems