Welcome to the Milan unit of the Biophysics Institute (IBF-MI).

We are operating within the Department of Biology of the University of Milan. Our main activities include:

- Photosynthesis
- Plant Bioenergetics
- Plant Molecular Biology
- Structure of proteins involved in human pathologies such as viral infections and tumors
- Identification/optimization of small molecules that inhibit protein biological functions
- Biophysics of ion channels
- Synthetic biology with light activated ion channels

Historically the IBF Milan unit originated from the former “Center for studies on cellular and molecular plant biology”, which was founded in the 1950’s by Sergio Tonzig, professor of botanic at the University of Milan.
It was the first CNR center in Italy on plant physiology employing modern methods of biophysics, biochemistry and cellular physiology.

Head of the Milan unit is Dr. Giuseppe Zucchelli.